Finca La Estacada 2006 Tempranillo

By | June 17, 2012

This wine was the second least expensive on the menu at a local steak house.  I normally try to avoid the cliche of ordering the second least expensive red wine, but in this case, this looked like the best bet, everything else was either a supermarket standard or a wine I don’t much like, this one had the advantage of being new to me and a grape I tend to like.

It was a wonderfully rich dark red, and smelled of vanilla and dark fruits.  It had a good balanced acidity with alcohol and body all falling squarely into ‘medium’.  The fruit was  cherry and raspberry, somewhere between red and purple on the fruit-colour-o-meter, if there were such a thing.  The oak added some vanilla and some well, woodiness.

Restaurant pricing put this at £22, which I think was reasonable.  I’d expect it to be £9-10 retail, but haven’t seen it on the shelves.