Champagne Pierre Darcys NV

By | February 4, 2012

Champagne isn’t my favourite wine, but I do like it. There are some occasions which really suit fizz. Christmas morning and New Year’s Eve, weddings, new jobs, that kind of thing. Very often a Cava, Prosecco or even Asti will do the trick really well, but Champagne does shout ‘celebration’ more than any other wine.

The producers of Champagne have really made the most of this and can charge premium prices. Again, for some occasions it seems worthwhile to choose a favourite Champagne and really savour it, but on others, picking up a bargain bottle works just as well.
I picked up a £12 bottle from ASDA. My expectations were low. Champagne Pierre Darcys appears to be a re-branding of the ASDA ‘Extra Special’ Champagne, as own-brand Champagne doesn’t sound quite as fancy as some kind of French Jane Austen character. Oddly, it wasn’t bad.
It was a pale straw colour, with quite a fine mouse. It smelled lemony more than biscuity and had just a smidge more residual sweetness than I’d choose, but not by any means a cloying amount. I wouldn’t pay £24, or whatever curious amount the supermarkets choose to label up their Champagnes at times when they don’t expect to sell any in order to get around fair trading rules, but I’d choose it again if I needed cheap fizz with the C-word on the label.