Picco del Sole Falanghina 2010

By | December 6, 2011

Falanghina always makes me think of Friends, when Phoebe called herself Regina Phalange for reasons that I can’t quite remember, but were amusing in the 1990’s. That’s probably not a great reason to buy a bottle of wine.

This Picco del Sole Falanghina from Naked Wines is fine. It’s Goldilocks to some degree, not too sweet, not too dry, not too sharp, not too flabby, not too strong, not too weedy.
That said, there’s nothing really that marks it out as a wine I’d want to buy again. I wouldn’t reject it, or refuse it as a gift, I just wouldn’t mind if I didn’t drink it ever again. There’s a lot of wines that fall into that bracket, it’s no bad thing, the search for my favourite wine continues.