Portinho do Covo 2010 – Fernao Pires, Muscat, Verdelho

By | October 22, 2011

Portinho do CovoWe had risotto, which means random white wine out of the fridge. This Portinho do Covo from Laithwaites looked particularly random, a white blend of grapes seemingly selected by a drunk passing through the dreg ends at a party.

I was pleasantly surprised by the smell. Half expecting Cheesy Wotsits and cigarette butts, I got a rich fruity combo that was reminiscent of an Alcasian wine at a far higher price.
A kind of pinot gris flavour carried through to the palate, I was about to rave about the wine before a slightly bitter after-taste cleared the scruminess and replaced it with something more battery-acid like. This made me sad. We chilled it down to a much lower temperature and tried again.
Some of the fruit was flattened, but the after-taste was squashed clean out. It was much better. I’d love to see if the winemaker could identify which grape is doing what and re-balance a little, this could be quite a hit. As it stands its a good mid week wine at a good price, just remember to serve it very cold.