Echo Falls

By | September 12, 2011

The end of the summer means the end of students in the house, and the end of Echo Falls bottles in the recycling. Echo Falls is cheap, when on offer you can pick up three bottles for £10. These two came here on a two for £7 deal.

Unfortunately it doesn’t taste great, particularly not served at just a little below room temperature. It needs to be ice cold, with ice, and maybe muddled with some strawberries to be tolerable.

Oddly the student drinkers know it is unpleasant, and can tell the difference between this and better wine, but drink it anyway. Strangely it’s not a question of price entirely. A £7 bottle of wine would taste much better, and would be more enjoyable, but would involve drinking half as much. That seems to be a key buying decision – if I buy cheap I can drink more.
One of my nerdier chums did a study in his youth of price per ml of alcohol.  He recommends ‘British Sherry’, last seen wearing a ‘Fortified British Wine’ label, or own brand vodka if that’s the key deciding factor, although he new brews his own excellent cider from the spare apples his neighbours give him – theoretically free booze, but he’s spent a lot on high end kit to make a superior product.
The students prefer ciders made from high fructose corn syrup and flavourings. It’s sad, but I’m sure they’ll grow out of it.