Willy Willy Shiraz 2009

By | August 20, 2011

OK, so in Australia ‘Willy Willy’ may refer to a localised dust storm, but here in England is just means willy, twice. I am not yet sufficiently mature that a wine called Willy Willy does not amuse me.

With that out of the way, Willy Willy Shiraz is actually good. It’s a rich purple colour, with an oaky, spicy smell. It has oodles of mouthfeel (no sniggering at the back), with ripe soft tannins and a good slug of alcohol.
There’s berries too, of a loganberry, blackberry style, and pepper which tames the vanilla a bit.
It’s worth the £7 asking price from Laithwaites, and you get to say willy a lot too, which makes it a fun wine for Christmas.