Vin Santo del Chianti Rufina

By | January 3, 2011

OK so I don’t have the plague, I just have a cold, and it’s miserable to have a cold at Christmas. Therefore, a historic ‘cure’ for the plague seems like a great drinking choice.
Vin Santo is just such a product, and when served with cantuccini biscotti for dunking it takes on a sort of strange quasi-religious quality.
My Vin Santo 2000 was from Marks & Spencer, sold in a half bottle gift pack with the cantuccini attached to avoid disappointment. Ordinarily this pack of heavenliness sells for £15 which is a bit steep, but it’s often marked down in the week before Christmas at £7.50 which is an absolute steal. I don’t understand why the don’t just sell it at £10 year round. That’s a fair price, and it’s not like a bottle of 10 year old sweet fortified wine is going to go off real quick.
Look out for it next December, you’re never sure when you might exhibit plague-like symptoms.