Villebois Sancerre 2009

By | August 1, 2010

For me Sancerre will always be associated with being soaking wet, exhausted and treated rudely by French people. When we cycled the Loire the road up to Sancerre it was amazing, steep hairpins through the vineyards which I’m sure would have been beautiful if I could have seen through the dripping of rain and sweat into my eyes.
We’d planned to have a meal with a budget busting bottle of wine, but the snootiness of local restaurateurs when faced with people in (clean, dry) lycra made us decide to skip the high price wine and order a jug of plonk instead.
It was a shame, I like Sancerre, it tastes great, but I don’t want to live there or spend any money in the town again.
I was therefore OK with buying Sancerre made by a Dutchman. He does it pretty well. This is good solid Sancerre, fruity, flinty, citrussy – nothing exceptional by Sancerre standards but certainly worth the money from Naked Wines.