Chateau d’Exindre la Magdelaine Mas d’Exindre Rouge 2007

By | August 7, 2010

It’s turned annoyingly cold, so I tempted away from refreshing whites and fun pinks and have been craving warming reds instead. This wine comes from the south of France, close to the coast, which put me in mind of warmer evenings and sunny days.
The wine is a deep purply red, and it smells of crushed blackberries and plums with a little festive spice. It’s dry with a medium acidity and a good helping of soft ripe tannins. The fruit tastes a little more concentrated than it smelled, more like there’s some prunes mixed in. That’s a good thing, I really like prunes.
This isn’t a fancy wine, but it’s good, it’s a bit different, I’d hate to play the ‘guess the grape’ game with it because there’s lots going on, but they’re all playing nicely together. At under £7 from Aldeby Wines it’s great value.