Mistral Rose 2009

By | June 3, 2010

The weather has been picking up in England, and when we get bursts of sunshine we have to make the most of it, this could be our one week of summer – let’s get out and picnic.  A glass of pink wine is a summertime favourite so we opened a bottle of Mistral.
It was a bold Disney Princess pink and smelled of strawberries with pepper. It was off dry with a medium acidity, without much tannin. For a rose it had quite a body, reflective of its 14% alcohol level, the strawberry flavour had redcurrants added with a bit more pepper.
We sat, we drank, we played Le Havre, I won, hurrah. Meanwhile the wine warmed up a bit, and oddly for a rose, it got a bit better, the fruit got darker, the flavour deeper. This was a good value rose, I’d buy it again.