Lusco Albarino

By | May 4, 2010

Thee best thing about having to go to Basingstoke is being able to stop off at the Berry Bros & Rudd Outlet on the way home. It gives me a chance to pick up some interesting wines sold by passionate people at a significant discount. It’s a bin-end bonanza so sometimes wines are a little past their best but not always, in fact, not very often if you follow the ‘drink by’ advice they’re happy to offer.
I love Albarino, and I have an emotional attachment having cycled to Santiago de Compostella and Finesterre, enjoying great wines along the way.
This one didn’t disappoint, offering crisp apple with a little peach, held together by a slatey minerality. It was well worth the £8 I paid, and I’d have been happy forking out £11, it’s just nice that I didn’t need to.