Frutos Consecheros Tinto Joven

By | May 16, 2010

We’ve had a few Spanish themed meals recently. Whilst I can recreate recipes, recreating the feeling of eating in Spain, particularly given the ambient temperature here in the UK, is no easy task.
This Frutos Consecheros from Naked Wines¬†helped a little. It’s a non vintage ‘joven’ wine, which means it’s young, and isn’t going to make the grade as one of the chewy, smooth big old Spanish wines, it’s intended to be drunk now, not stored or savoured. Drinking it ever so slightly chilled, Italian style, helps it out a little too. It has plummy, cherry-esque fruit, which pops in fleetingly, like pop.
I enjoyed it. It’s certainly not a great wine, but it is perfect for drifting off in your mind to sunnier days.