Clos De Reynard 2007

By | May 25, 2010

So Leicester City‘s Foxes and their cheery horn blowing ceremony won’t be gracing the Premier League next season. Despite some late season excitement they remain in their rightful place in the Championship, ready to fight another day.
That said, it was an excuse to buy a bottle of wine with a cute picture of a fox on the label. Regular readers and sane people will know that I’ve had little success choosing wine on cuteness, or because it has the same name as a childhood pet or whatever, but that doesn’t deter me.
Clos De Reynard is a Californian wine from Marks and Spencer, again wines that have a name in a different language to that spoken in their vineyards often end up confused so expectations were low, even though the price wasn’t particularly at around eight quid.
It smelled big and juicy – if bigness or juiciness could smell. It tasted of fat squashed fruits, rather like someone had accidently knocked a barrel of Sangiovese juice into some Merlot and they’d decided to rush it out the door good and young before anyone noticed the error. Maybe they did, mayme they tipped in some Zinfanddel to make it feel at home. Either way there were a few slightly segregated layers of fruit, not in an unpleasant way, just slightly disjointed, like Leicester’s midfield.