Paul Zinck Gewurztraminer 2007

By | March 22, 2010

There are times when I really want a wine that tastes of lots of really good things. Paul Zinck’s Gewurztraminer is a good choice under those circumstances. It smells of a freshly opened can of lychees. Not so much fresh ones, more the condensed sweetness of tinned ones. There’s cinnamon too and a full florality.
It’s oddly dry even though the fruit and spice tastes sweet, but there’s enough acidity to keep any cloy away. It’s so moreish, but it’s not a wine you can rush, it just tastes good and makes me want to savour every mouthful. Then of course I want another mouthful.
It has a medium alcohol level so it doesn’t knock you out. It comes in at the £8-10 range at Majestic so it’s somewhere between an everyday choice and a nice weekend bottle.