Domaine du Grangeon Gamay 2007

By | February 14, 2010

I picked this wine up in a mixed case deal from Aldeby Wines. It was a great deal, Aldeby Wines know the South of France well and go visiting to make sure they bring back great wines at reasonable prices. I wouldn’t have picked up a Gamay normally, but that’s always the beauty of mixed cases, if you get them from a trusted supplier they will always contain interesting surprises.
This was both interesting and pleasing. A medium purple-ish kind of colour, it smelled good, but quite unlike any wine I’ve smelled in a long time. There were squished strawberries and cherry juice and something tertiary that wasn’t quite meaty, but was almost marmitey, in a very good way.
Dry, with a medium acidity and a low level of soft tannins, the dominant flavour was crushed strawberries redcurrants and red cherries, with some interesting depth and just a smidge of a memory of a candy floss, bubblegumminess that it had sort of grown out of.
The 2008 is now on sale for under £6.50, based on the 2007, it’ll be worth it.