Auchan Margaux 2004

By | February 18, 2010

Lurking around in a box of wines I’d planned to sort out I spotted this Margaux. Oooo Margaux, that’s out of my price range!
This one would have been if I’d bought it in England, or indeed if I’d bought it at current exchange and tax rates, but luckily for me I didn’t.   A friend was in Calais three or four years ago with space in his white van. I gave him £100 and he gave me a very mixed case.
It was a deep garnet with a smidge of mahogany creeping in. I poured it into a decanter which proved a good idea as there was a good sludge of sediment. It smelled of fresh black fruits and some dried ones, with a little smokiness.
It tasted dry with a medium high acidity and the tannins were hanging on in there. The flavour of fruits tasted quite dilute, and there was some pepper and tobacco lurking there too, but again in the distance. It was a good wine, but it’s clear it was a mass market version of a great one. It just made me want to drink a great Margaux even  more.