Pazo Serantellos Albarino 2008

By | January 31, 2010

Galicia is wonderful, it’s as pretty as Wales but with warmer weather and better food and drink. Albarino is one of those benefits. The coolness and rain suit it well. If I see a new example I’ll pick it up.
Pazo Serantellos smells good, there’s a peachy-apricot juiciness that is really inviting. It’s dry with a crisp acidity and a medium body. A medium intensity of flavour includes that apricot flavour with extra melon and some sweet honey. It’s good, it’s not a great albarino, but it is a good one. The flavour lasts well although it does make you want to have another glass rather quickly.
This Albarino comes in at a bargain price of £6, great value and a great alternative to another sauvignon blanc or chardonnay if you want to try something different but reliable.

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