Parrot Valley Chenin Blanc 2009

By | January 31, 2010

I’m not a big Chenin Blanc fan, or a big South African wines fan for than matter, so this bottle was placed on risotto rotation. A good glug went into a particularly good seafood risotto but on trying a smidge we decided to drink the rest rather than make it part of tomorrow’s shrimp linguine.
It smelled good, fresh sliced apples and pears. It was ever so slightly just off dry with a medium high acidity which added some lemony zing to the fruit. A little bit of fruit blossom added itself to the mix too. It was medium bodied and easy drinking. Perfect for a midweek wine.
It was about £6 from Naked Wines which was fine. I’d drink it again, and it had perked up my interest in South African Chenin Blancs, but not so much that I’m going on a buying spree.