The Old Telegraph Malbec Shiraz Reserve 2007 One Year On

By | January 10, 2010

Back in February it was snowing and cold so we stayed in and played the board game Le Havre with a bottle of The Old Telegraph Malbec Shiraz Reserve 2007 from Laithwaite’s for warmth. It was good, but nothing special.
Last night it was cold and snowy so we did the same thing, I still had a bottle that we’d left sitting for a year in the hope it would get better. It did.
The extra year gave it a smoothness of maturity. There was still plenty of juicy plum and bramble, but the oak had settled into more of a silky chocolatey-ness that made it very moreish. I think we have one more bottle, I’ll save it for the next snowfall and see if it improves further or falls over the edge.