Mistral Merlot 2008

By | January 16, 2010

I pulled Mistral Merlot from the wine rack for a weekend warmer. Fresh out of the bottle it was fruity with lots of plum and just a little spice to balance it. It needed a little rest by the fire whilst I watched the first half of the football.
An hour later when the second half kicked off I tried again. It had warmed up a bit, which seemed to do it good. It was still plummy, and those plums were soft and velvety without much firmness in the tannins.
Despite a fairly hefty 14% alcohol, the wine had a medium body at best, it was light drinking, but not in a totally negative way, more of a fruity pop style.
This wasn’t my favourite Merlot, but it was perfectly nice, I found nothing to take offence at, so a good choice to serve to people who don’t normally drink wine but can be tempted by a glass in a wine drinkers house. At about £5-7  a bottle depending on Naked Wines deals the price is kinda OK but uninspiring too.