Castillo de Tafalla Garnacha Rosado 2008

By | January 17, 2010

The weather perked up above freezing. I was so excited by the sudden warmth I cracked open a bottle of pink wine. OK so we sat huddled under a blanket drinking it, but sometimes I need a glass of rose to cheer me up and remind me that warmer days do exist.
This was from Navarra, home to some of my favourite pinks. Cycling through the area I found it refreshing to drink and refreshing to see rough, tough farm and factory workers popping into bars for a cold glass of pink before heading home.
This wine put me in that frame of mind. It smelled of non-specific summer berries, and tasted fruitily sweet whilst remaining dry with a medium high acidity. It had a medium light body and a pleasantly light 12% alcohol. At about a fiver a bottle from Naked Wines it was a good way to grab a glimpse of summer in January.

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    Still warmer days exist…it surprising!!!!

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