Delirium Chardonnay 2008

By | December 6, 2009

Nice name, nice label. So far so good, both cool but not cheesy or cute. A screw top, always a plus on wines designed for drinking early, particularly those that might want to go on a picnic in better weather.
This Delerium Adelaide Hills Chardonnay from Naked Wines is pale lemon-gold with an unmistakeably Chardonnay aroma of melons and apples, but unlike many new world offerings, there isn’t an overwhelming oakiness.
It’s dry with some light oak and a medium crisp acidity softened by sweet fruit although some mineral tang keeps it from being too sweet-shop like.
This wine has an almost New Zealand like restraint for an Australian Chardonnay making it worth the extra couple of quid you’d pay over a standard example.