Ironstone Vineyards Zinfandel 2000

By | November 22, 2009

We had a bottle of Ironstone Vineyards Californian Zinfandel. It had been bought from Meijers in Detroit in 2001, when terrorism was a European problem and the world had banks that people didn’t worry about. It had rested quietly in a basement that had flooded a couple of times, before travelling south for a warmer life in the Carolinas, finally crossing the Atlantic to its ultimate destination in my glass.
It looked surprisingly well on it, with a deep mahogany colour and some brick around the edge. It still smelled of red and black fruits with some yeastiness. It tasted dry with a medium high acidity. The tannins were soft and slightly chewy. There was still quite an intensity of fruit, red currants and blackberries, balanced against a positively marmitey yeast character and old wood.
I really enjoyed it, but with the current vintage for sale being the 2008, I’m not sure I can recreate the aging process exactly.