Brown Brothers Tarrango 2008

By | September 6, 2009
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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went out in search of large pasta shells to stuff and at the end of the pasta aisle at Sainsbury’s there was a river end full of wine oddities at knock down prices. I picked up some obscurities which I’ll try out over the next few weeks including a Welsh wine and some crazy looking Australian blends. Of the more mainstream choices they had a couple of bottles of Tarrango. It’s a curious sell for a supermarket – not quite a red, not quite a rose.

It’s a recently invented varietal, created in the 60’s to stand up to some of Australia’s more extreme climates. This one was a cheery fuscia and smelled of freshly squished bright red fruit with redcurrants and raspberries taking the lead. Not fully dry it had a fresh zing of acidity and lots and lots of raspberries and some red cherry.
We had it cold, not quite as cold as a rose, but close, it held up well, and was good value for £6, great at £4.49.