Bonjorne La Mancha Tempranillo Cabernet Rosado 2007

By | May 10, 2009

We were a little surprised to need a pink win last night. I had got a little ahead of myself and put a bottle of Bonjorne Rosado in the fridge hoping to drink some tonight to celebrate a Mark Cavendish stage win – it sounded kinda like Bonjourno. But against the odds HighRoad won the opening team time trial and Cavendish stuck his nose ahead to become the first British rider ever to wear the pink leaders journey.
Bonjorne La Mancha Tempranillo Cabernet Rosado 2007 didn’t smell of much, just a little citrussy and some curious processed meat. That isn’t meant to be a condemnation, I used to like Spam. It tasted of strawberries and meat. My best guess was duck in a strawberry sauce, something gamey. We tried cooling it down with an ice jacket and giving it half an hour. It was a good idea.
Served very cold it was much better. It tasted like strawberry ice cream. The cool temperature noot only amplified the strawberry and killed the meat, it also seemed to reveal some malolactic creaminess.
It was a good Spanish rose, robust, flavourful and dry. At around £4.50 a bottle from Naked Wines it was excellent value. I’m baffled as to why nasty 3 for £10 big brand Australian and Californian roses take up so much shelf space when high street retailers could sell good roses at affordable prices from Europe. Fools.