Lula Syrah 2007

By | April 19, 2009

We had a bottle of Lula Syrah 2007 which had arrived as part of a mixed case. It had quite a stylish, minimalist label. I noticed this, which is often a bad sign, any label that stands out can easily be over compensating for the contents of the bottle.
Lula is the second label of South Africa’s Rudera brand, and according to their website it comes from the Zulu word for easy and light.
I was pleasantly suprised by the wine, it was indeed easy and light, with a soft fruitiness, balanced by a sweet smokiness, not at all like the burnt rubber that can make its way into some South African wines with ill placed pintoage.
It was billed as being big and bold, but I found it a bit more shy and quietly spoken, that’s not a complaint. At around £8-9 a bottle from Naked Wines it’s reasonable value and an interesting change from a Rioja.

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