Etienne Dumont Brut Champagne

By | January 20, 2009

There’s something of a party going on in Washington today. Plenty of hope is resting on Obama’s plan for change, all over the world. ere in the UK I’m glad there’s a man in the White House who will have a glass of wine with dinner, although that’s been kept pretty quiet to avoid upsetting the Temperance crowd at one extreme and the folks who think wine is just too fancy schmancy at the other.
Time for some Champagne, but there is a credit crunch on so it’s Sainsbury’s supermarket bargain bucket Champagne. It looks bright and drinkable, the mousse is fine and smooth. It smells pretty good, ever so slightly strawberry-ish, with a bit of blossom. I’ve never sniffed strawberry blossoms, it could smell of them.
It has an acidic zing with a bit of apple mixed with a smidge of strawberries, but not a lot of any of them. It could do with a little more flavour, or maybe something mixed in to add flavour – a perfect kir royale wine. At £12 it isn’t cheap, so I wouldn’t buy it for cocktails. It’s a tricky price point, one at which Cava’s are priced ready to be sold at half price later. I probably wouldn’t choose it because I’d either splurge on a grande marque or scrimp on a cava.