Wine As The Healthy Option

By | October 28, 2008
English: Times Square

Times Square (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve just come back from a short break in New York, we had a blast, but with the pound swirling down against the dollar faster than, well, a New York minute, we weren’t on a wine buying trip.

With two teens in tow who had never eaten in a TGI Friday’s we felt it would be cruel not to let them try “the great American restaurant” in all its Times Square gaudy glory. I prepared myself to dislike it, but the waitress had the good grace to ask me for ID before serving drinks.

One curious characteristic of New York is the publishing of calorific information on some menus. TGI’s being a chain that falls under the Board of Health’s rules which seem focussed on fast food and chain restaurants (is it a class issue?), it had the calories. Some were quite scary, with a raspberry limeade coming in at over 500 calories, and the milkshakes being enough to induce diabetes. The wines were positively healthy by comparison, at around 150 per glass, but the choices were nasty so I took the chance to enjoy a Samuel Adams.

It’s interesting that calories are listed, yes it can help people make better choices, but it could also help them make bad ones. At another restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen on another night we shared a bottle of Chianti. It was good. The food was good. We had a good time. Our younger diners had a fresh squeezed apple juice and a banana health shake. I’m pretty convinced that both drank more calories than we did with the wine, but did they make worse nutritional choices?