The Luck Of The Italians

By | October 8, 2008

There’s a few things clogging up the headlines around the world today so you may miss the top story this week. The good people of Marino, a town south of Rome, Italy turned on their kitchen taps and found that in place of the more traditional water flowing through them, they had wine.

Being sensible people they assumed that they were enjoying good fortune and the city had switched on the wine supply as a gift to celebrate the local grape festival. They were close. The wine was supposed to replace the water supply to the town’s fountain as part of the celebrations, but a ‘technical error’ caused the wine to flow to homes instead.

It’s good to know that there are still people who would view free wine on tap as a delightful bonus and make the most of it rather than complaining and worrying about potential downsides. Let’s raise a glass to the happy people of Marino.

2 thoughts on “The Luck Of The Italians

  1. Christianne Curran

    Excellent! Why don’t these things happen to me??

    In all seriousness, after the market news this week, I like a little brevity.

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