Radler – The cyclist’s drink

By | September 6, 2008

The German language is tough to get a grip of. The words are long and you have to get through quite a lot of them before you hit a verb, but one word is fabulous – Radler. Radler means cyclist. Where you see the word radler outside hotels and bars you know you’ll get a friendly welcome and somewhere safe, dry and secure to store your bike, and just as importantly, people won’t regard you as a nutter.
Radler is also the word for shandy, the drink of choice for radlers! For those of you from strange countries shandy is a mix of beer and lemonade, it perks up the acid of the beer and halves it’s alcoholic strength. The lemonade isn’t the homemade stuff, more of a 7-Up/Sprite/Sierra Mist without the lime.
I learned to love Radler for a refreshing, reviving post-cycling drink which re-hydrated and took the edge off the butt-rash, without overloading on alcohol.