Pinot Grigio Superiore 2007 Cantina Breganze

By | September 28, 2008

It’s been unseasonably warm lately. I’m not complaining, after a summer of cold rain it’s a relief, but it has caused a run on white wine in my kitchen.
We had a Pinot Grigio Superiore 2007 Cantina Breganze. It was very pale, and best served very cold. It had a slightly floral aroma, with just a smidge of citrus.
It had a crisp acidity and was bone dry. There was some lemon and lime with a soft hint of honey.  For a low-cost pinot grigio it had an exciting variety of flavors.
It’s not the finest wine in the world, but if you want something bright and fresh, Majestic are currently selling it for under a fiver.

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  1. Barbara

    Hi Golly
    Just wanted to share with you my plans. I’ve booked to follow the Tour Down Under in January. Lance may, or may not compete, but I’m sure it will be fun regardless.

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