La Manta Rayada Moscatel Semillon 2007

By | September 14, 2008

We had a bottle of La Manta Rayada Moscatel Semillon 2007 from Laithwaites, best described as a random white that was in the fridge rather than a carefully chosen selection for the evening. It was a curious wine. It had a pale lemon colour, and reasonable legs. Unusually for wine, it smelled of grapes. Slightly over-ripe muscat grapes.
It was medium, bordering on medium-sweet, not a style I normally choose. The grapey character carried through, and I felt there was something missing.
There was just enough acid to stop it being flabby, but with the sweet grapes I wanted something more, maybe some gewurztraminer spiciness or some tropical fruit, but there was nothing waiting for me.
The wine wasn’t unpleasant, it just felt like a major component had gone out for a packet of fags and never come back.