Chateau Musar Hochar 2001

By | September 9, 2008

Chateau Musar produce wines in Lebanon. That’s not always an easy task, the neighbourhood is often in a war zone. Yet they have built a reputation for producing unique wines. I’d heard a lot about them so was happy to pick up a bottle of Chateau Musar Hochar 2001, their second wine. It’s been waiting six months for a suitable outing, and a game of Twilight Struggle seemed like as good a time as any.
It looked a lot paler than I expected, like a pinot noir. There was plenty of colour left over in the bottle in the form of sediment. It smelled bright and fruity, certainly not seven years old. It was different. Not bad different, just different. It has a sort of Italian acidity with the cherries of Chianti, but something a little more bitter, maybe cranberry or even rhubarb, I’m thinking Campari, but again, not unpleasant.
It’s a curious blend of grapes, think of a Bordeaux married to a wine it met on holiday in the south of France, again, not what you might expect but an interesting mix. It’s not going to be my favourite wine, but it is something I’d try again, I’m just not sure why.