Tallowwood Creek Shiraz 2006

By | August 12, 2008

We had a game of Tinner’s Trail last night. If you’ve never played a game based on tin and copper mining in nineteenth century Cornwall then this is the one for you!
With it we had a Tallowwood Creek Shiraz 2006. It was dark and rich looking, and it smelled of cooked plums with spices. There was a high level of ripe tannins, with a full body and full-on alcohol. This is a big wine, filling the mouth with alcoholic warmth and a velvety tannin smoothness. The plum fruit has cinnamon spice added to it which perks it up.
This wine certainly packs a punch, it was perhaps a little too much for me, and would probably do better on a cold winter’s evening. Expect to pay £7-8 at Laithwaite’s wine.

2 thoughts on “Tallowwood Creek Shiraz 2006

  1. noble pig

    I have heard of the producer before but have not tried them before. I’m still looking for them! Thanks.

  2. Alastair

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