Toasting with Ridgeview Merret Grosvenor 2004

By | July 9, 2008

Hurrah for Mark Cavendish who sprinted across the line to take the longest stage in the Tour de France today. A bit harsh on the breakaway who he sprinted past, but hurrah none the less.
Time for an English (yes I know he’s Manx but you try growing grapes there) sparkling wine.  A Ridgeview Merret Grosvenor 2004 which I bought last year when I drove through the Sussex countryside and saw a ‘vineyard’ sign. They gave me a few glasses of wine and let me wander around the vines taking nerdy photos.
It’s a very good wine with a smooth mousse and distinct yeastiness which it’s a cliche to call brioche. There’s citrus too, but more grapefruit than lemon. It’s one of England’s more widely available sparklers as Waitrose do stock it when they can. The quality is unfortunately reflected in the price, expect to pay about £22, more than your average grande marque Champagne in a supermarket, but it’s worth a try to dismiss any thoughts about English wines being inferior.