Sainsbury’s Lustau Fino Sherry

By | July 6, 2008

Le Tour est arrivé! Let the fun begin. The Tour de France kicked off (pedalled off?) yesterday with a new format encouraging a tighter, more assertive race.
Spain’s Alejandro Valverde took the first stage, and my ‘guest photographer’ and chief Sherry pourer is a bit of a fan having seen him years ago cycling around Spain in the Vuelta a Espana¬†years ago. I’m a big Sherry fan having gained a taste for it cycling across Spain.
Lustau is a big hitter in the Sherry world, and they’ve struck a deal with Sainsbury’s to provide their ‘Taste The Difference’ range of Sherries. Not only does that mean great Sherry is available in the supermarket, but they also use 50cl bottles which are so much better for Sherry as the smaller bottle size means greater turnover in the fridge so fresher sherry. Hurrah.
This Fino is big and beefy, almost literally, it have that kind of Marmite style meatiness as well as a ‘salt’ level of Manzanilla proportions. There’s bottle olive juice too, all in all a strong contender.
Look out for Valverde’s bike today, he’s brought along one to go with his new yellow jersey (that’s confidence!), even the brake calipers are yellow.