Vina Sol – Sunny days for Valverde

By | June 16, 2008

This weekend Alejandro Valverde won the Dauphine Libere, in what could be a warm up for the Tour de France. What better way to celbrate than with a Torres Vina Sol 2007, Torres most successful wine in the UK.
It smelled fresh and fruity with green apple and a little spiciness. It was dry with a high yet balanced acidity. The alcohol level of 11.5% is afternoon-friendly. It tastes fruity with crisp green apple softened a little by ripe pears, melons and something just a little like cooked spicy pineapple.
It’s a remarkably refreshing yet quaffable wine, reliably delivering year after year. It’s generally priced between £5.50 and £7, and you can usually pick up a bottle (or more) at Thresher’s, Sainsbury, Majestic or any chain wine retailer.