Noah’s Flood and cycling through it

By | May 27, 2008

Last week it seemed like a great idea to plan in a spot of seaside cycling for the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend. Unfortunately this weekend was wet, windy and cold.  Did it deter me?  Well yes, a little bit, but on Monday I headed out with two much fitter cyclists to act as windbreaks. We set out in a strong head wind and made our way to a lovely little parish church with a doom painting and to Blythburgh where there are angels in the roof of the church and a cheery chap called ‘Jack O’The Clock’ who rings the bell.
Soon after that the rain started, and then it got worse, and worse, the wind changed direction magically to be in my face at every moment. The rain had flooded the roads in places and as well as cycling through mini fords I got splashed by cars.
This is the kind of weather that Wissett Wines has to deal with. 2005 was not a dry and sunny summer, and it shows in Noah’s Flood Pinot Gris 2005. It’s a bright and clear wine with a light aroma and body, which doeasn’t really match its 13.5% alcohol. It’s dry with a mineral acidity and some fruit that’s almost tropical mixed with citrus. It’s not a run of the mill Pinot Grigio, bt it’s not outstanding, look out for warmer, drier summers from Wissett.