LIWSF 2008

By | May 21, 2008

It’s London International Wine and Spirits Fair this week, LIWSF to its friends. If you have the opportunity it is well worth the trek to London’s Docklands to see a world of wine, and drink it. Wine producers from all over the world gather to promote their products. Big brands work hard to win over retailers, and will ply you with plenty of free booze, but the more interesting stands give you an idea of what’s ‘Coming Soon’ in the wine world.

There’s cheery low-alcohol Sangria in large pop bottles looking for a UK distributor, cardboard wine packaging, and plastic wine glasses with wine included. A producer in Israel has an interesting take on wine, selling dry, sweet and fortified pomegranate wine. It’s certainly different.

LIWSF also gives you a great opportunity to try wines you may not otherwise experience. The national wine boards of countries as diverse as Brazil, Moldova and Thailand are looking for UK distribution, and the good people of Turkey are making a big effort to show their European credentials with a wide range of wines available.