Bartyon & Guestier’s Tour des Vins Sancerre

By | April 7, 2008

We found ourselves short of white wine, with drinkers heading in from the north. We needed to stock up, but had neither the time nor the energy to head out for a proper shopping trip. We walked around to ‘Bargain Booze’ and took out chances.
Beyond the 3 for £10 offers on Blossom Hill and Echo Falls we found a tiny section of the fridge in the back which had an interesting, if ageing, selection. One of our choices was Bartyon & Guestier’s Tour des Vins Sancerre 2004.
It tasted like a basic Sancerre should with a minerally zip and tense fruit, although it seemed to be softening a little. It went well with the salmon and salad we had for tea.
At £8 it was well priced for a corner store Sancerre. It’s not a brand I’d actively seek out, but I certainly wouldn’t reject it.