Noah’s First Pinot Gris 2006

By | April 29, 2008

Last weekend was the East Midlands International Cicle Classic, a truly bonkers cycle race looping around roads and farm tracks in Rutland, Oakham and Melton Mowbray, best known for pork pies and Stilton cheese. I prepared myself for my role as marshals’ assistant by having an English wine with tea on Saturday.
We’d picked up a bottle of Noah’s First 2006 from Wissett Wines in Suffolk. The winery is fairly Noah heavy, with their logo based on roof bosses at Norwich Cathedral and their story based on Noah’s penchant for the odd cup of wine. We met the winemaker who told us the rather sweet story of his first grandson being born on the first day of harvest of the grapes for this wine, and him being called Noah. I’m a sucker for romantic wine related stories.
The wine is late harvested pinot gris, with Wissett explaining that the local climate is very like that of Alsace. It’s just off dry with a fruity, floral nose. There’s sweet honied fruit salad, with nothing in particular standing out, with just a smidge of cinnamon like spice and some citrus to keep it fresh. At 11% alcohol it’s light, but quite more-ish. It would be perfect for a summer picnic.

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  1. Dondon

    I think I already tasted this wine…As far as I remember, I had this one in a wedding reception..But I kinda forgot the taste but not totally..

  2. Dondon

    Im sori buddy, I accidentally cut my comment..

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