Sainsbury’s Fino Sherry

By | March 19, 2008
Making dinner at the weekend requires a glass of sherry, otherwise it’s just another chore. There’s usually a Manzanilla in the fridge, or a trusty Tio Pepe, but last weekend, the fridge was bare. OK, so there was food in there, but no sherry, not a drop.
I took a stroll around to the shops, and it’s suprising how few sherrys are available in the average corner shop. I could find a section that looked like sherry – stuffed with large bottles saying things like Cream and Medium Sweet in big letters with a tiny little line admitting ‘British fortified wine’. The best I could do was Sainsbury’s own brand Fino.
It was OK, for an emergency, and allowed me to chop veggies and stir things in a reasonably relaxed state whilst listening to the commentary on the late afternoon match, but it lacked the zippy cheeriness I’d hoped for. It was cheap, it was available, and hyper-chilled it worked.