Baron Lazare Pinot Grigio

By | March 2, 2008

We had a bottle of Baron Lazare Pinot Grigio 2006 whilst playing Twilight Struggle. I’m not a huge Pinot Grigio fan, and the wines I’ve had from Hungary haven’t been consistent, so hadn’t got high expectations.
Baron Lazare from Laithwaites didn’t smell like Pinot Grigio though, it was sweetly floral. It tasted dry with a high acidity, and medium body. It had an intense flavour with the florality being joined by grapefruit and kiwis.
There was an additional flavour of tinned vegetables, nothing too specific, a grey-green kind of canned veg that your grandparents may have served, making you ask questions about what food was like during the war. It wasn’t an unpleasant flavour, just adding a little depth.
It’s a good value alternative to insipid Pinot Grigios. I held onto Hungary throughout the game, which helped me take an early win for the USSR.