Sella e Mosca Terrerare 2000 – Sardinian Success

By | February 16, 2008

During a recent game of Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage Corsica and Sardinia turned out to be a key battleground. We had a bottle of Sella e Mosca Terrerare 2000 Riserva  from Laithwaites to keep us going through the campaign. I’d never knowingly tried a Corsican or Sardinian wine, and this was a pleasant surprise.

It was deep, dark garnet with thick colourful legs. It smelled rich and dark too, with thick black fruits and warm spice from oak. The tannins were soft with a little pepperiness. It packed quite a punch with 13.5% alcohol and a full body. It finished smoothly.
This wine  was good value for a weekend diversion. I lost Corsica and Sardinia, and the game. Next time I play I think I’ll try an Iberian wine instead.

3 thoughts on “Sella e Mosca Terrerare 2000 – Sardinian Success

  1. *kel

    in response to your comment — “That looks divine, the finishing touches really do make a massive difference. I’m always so relieved when I cook something that tastes OK that I forget to put in that last minute of effort to transform it into something special.”

    Hi, I must say i’d love to do more of these special finishing touches. it really does make a meal feels special!

  2. Alastair Bathgate

    Did you know that if you search on “terrerare” on Google you are the second link? Well done! But isn’t the wine from Italian Sardegna, rather than French Corsica?

  3. GollyGumDrops

    You’re right – I was so wrapped up in beating off Hannibal, I’d tagged in a totally slapdash way! Thanks for pointing it out.

    I hadn’t noticed this post was high in the search listings, I guess it’s not a term that gets searched a lot.

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