Nobilo Five Fathoms Sauvignon Blanc

By | February 1, 2008

Nobilo was the first New Zealand wine I remember drinking. It wasn’t a Sauvignon Blanc, it was ‘White Cloud’, a cheery combination of pedestrian grapes like Muller Thurgau and Chenin Blanc. It was really not bad at a time when Paul Masson, Blue Nun and Black Tower were still fresh memories.

It was therefore an enjoyable retro-moment to try Nobilo 2006 Five Fathoms Sauvignon Blanc which had made its way back on a ferry from France. Pastily pale yellow-green, it was fresh smelling with fresh cut grass and gooseberries. It was dry and crisp. It tasted lemony with under-ripe stone fruit, grapefruit and more grass.

This was a good midweek wine, expect to pay around £6. If the cost comes in above £7 then there’s other Marlborough Sauvignons about that are worth trying.

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