Malvis Douro Reserva – Porty Wine?

By | February 9, 2008

Following second hand recommendations from Eric Asimov in the New York Times, I have had a few Douro wines lately. Malvis 2005 Douro Reserva was a recent choice.
It’s a thick, rich purple-red colour with thick and gloopy legs. It smells like low-alcohol Port, not surprising as it is made from the same grapes. It’s dry with a firm acidity and a full body. It tastes of ripe plums and cherries with a curious hint of marmite and some vanilla and spice. I can’t imagine an occasion when I would think of mixing those ingredients together but they really work in this wine. It stood up well to chocolate too.
At 13% alcohol it’s not heavy and the flavour lasts well into a slightly tannic finish. Portugal does seem to be producing some interesting wines at reasonable prices. This was great value, but even better with the 20% off currently available on all Portuguese wines at Majestic.