Lindauer Brut NV – Affordabubble

By | February 27, 2008

Coventry City have a new manager, Chris Coleman. I couldn’t lay my hands on any Welsh wine, and Champagne seemed (and proved) to be over-optimistic, so opted for Lindauer Brut NV from New Zealand to celebrate his first win with the Sky Blues.

It’s a golden yellow with fine, persistent bubbles and a bright citrus scent with light yeastiness. It’s dry with a crisp acidity and has a medium body and flavour intensity. The mousse feels lively in the mouth. The citrus is joined by apple and fresh bread. It was a cheerfully assertive taste which finishes with crisp green apple.

Lindauer is made in the traditional Champagne style, mostly from the traditional Champagne grapes with a little Chenin Blanc. It isn’t Champagne, and it lacks the rich biscuity character you might expect from one. However, it comes with one major advantage. It costs £6-8 and is reliably good. It may not compete with a good Champagne on flavour, but it certainly holds its own against ‘bargain’ Champagnes at double the price.