Able Grape – Finding Wine

By | February 18, 2008

I started this blog a while ago to help keep me focused on writing up wines as I tried them, rather than just drinking for fun as I studied for my WSET Diploma. By the time I graduated I found I actually enjoyed wine more if I wrote about it.

My ambitions were small, but the folk over at AbleGrape took things further. Frustrated at not being able to find the information they wanted to help with their studies, they built their own wine search engine. It’s growing by the minute and answers wine questions from the mundane to the absurdly technical. Give it a go at

2 thoughts on “Able Grape – Finding Wine

  1. Robert McIntosh

    very interesting. I was about to post something similar. Where did you come across this site?

  2. GollyGumDrops

    Somewhere on a random wine-surf around the web today, Twitter I think, but I can’t remember – I got absorbed in playing with it, then my butterfly brain headed on elsewhere.

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