Tabali Reserva Especial Chardonnay from Limau Valley in Chile

By | January 27, 2008

Yesterday was a good day, City made it past Milwall to the 5th round of the FA Cup and Havant & Waterlooville put up a fine performance against Liverpool to keep cup neutrals everywhere happy.

We had a Tabali Reserva Especial 2004 Chardonnay from Limau Valley in Chile, which kept the good mood rolling. It was a cheery sunshine yellow with strong legs and an intense aroma of toasted oak, freshly squeezed lemon and limes and creamy butter. The label claims the vineyard is on the edge of the ‘Enchanted Valley’ which left me with an image of happy little elves tending the vines, but I suspect production is a little more mechanical. The vineyards are, more prosaically just north of the other Santiago.

Dry with just enough acidity to balance the creamy oak, the citrus character softened a little in the mouth and honey flavours emerged. It had a mouth filling body, and with 13.5% alcohol was perfect for sipping slowly all evening. The flavour stuck around long enough to mean that whilst the next sip was appealing it wasn’t needed in a rush.

Expect to pay around £9-10 from Laithwaites, and expect to feel that you’ve enjoyed good value.