Boxing Day Leftovers

By | December 26, 2007

Whilst Boxing Day might traditionally have been when the fine people at the grand house boxed up gifts for the servants, now there’s a new tradition of watching the football and eating leftovers. For some people leftover eating may last several days as large bird carcasses loom in the kitchen and cheese mountains start to smell.

Sometimes there’s even left over wine. Sherry and Port will make it through to New Years Eve if kept cool and stoppered. If you have leftover Champagne them shame on you, but the best way to deal with that is the traditional Bucks Fizz which may be a little less fizzy than normal, alternatively use the Champagne as the base for oyster and cucumber soup – a light lunch option.

There’s plenty for red wine to be doing. It’ll last a day or two if kept cool and stoppered, preferably in thesmallest wine bottle available. You can try life as a Spanish teenager by mixing one part (preferably past its best) red wine to one part ice cold Coca-Cola to make a Kalimotxo- it’s surprisingly good. A more common approach is to squeeze the juice of an orange into a half bottle of leftover red, add a spoon of sugar, grate in a little lemon zest and serve over ice as sangria (it’s nothing like the beastly lemonade-filled commercial sangria).

White wine is more usually perked up with soda or a squeeze of fruit juice and both red and white wines freeze really well for later use in pasta sauces, chilli or risotto, or for poaching fish. Red wine works well for poaching fruit which you can eat as dessert and be happy that you’re choosing a healthy option.

Sweet wine offers lots of options. One favourite use is to reduce it slowly with a little vanilla sugar until it just starts to become syrup, add some dried apricots and fresh toasted almonds to make the worlds best ice cream sauce.

Use up your left over wine and do your bit for the environment!